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ICU v2.01 : s/n: BRAMBLE79

ICU v2.11 : s/n: 103478238

IDate 4.20 : Name: Steve Hsu s/n: 5884074

Idea Fisher v1.0 for Windows : s/n: W12203-0512

Idea Fisher v5.0 : s/n: W04044-0080

IDEAcomm Client Midrange : s/n: B22243

IdentaFone v4.3 : Name: Daniel Desjardins s/n: 0JZ6VN2URMAUQ0HDUHNU

IdentaFone v4.40 : Name: Ashley Hall Code: 0JZ6VN2URM9B0EMVV809

Identi-Filer v4.5 : Name: NOMADS ROOM CRACKING CREW s/n: 5581459

Identi-Filer v5.01 : Name: TWINHEAD s/n: ID0653102

IDentify! v1.0 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 2D7749540

IDEX v1.11 : s/n: 8001886-40507061-8082803

Idiot's Delight Solitaire v1.02 : Name: (Anything) Code: lafayette

IDKSM Search Engine Indexer v1.3 : Name: iCECREAM/FLUKE Code: $675307A3

IDKSM Search Engine Indexer v1.4 : Name: LOMAX [DSi] Code: $625ED3E2

IDL v5.0.3 : s/n: 123456789 Notice: LOMAX [DSI] Key: UN4RR5A6

IDL v5.1.1 for Win9X/NT : s/n: 77777 Notice: SiEGE Key: 66-VRU3G68V

IDL v5.2 : InstallNum: 10101010 Site Notice: 20202020 Key: BGNJKS3W

I Do Windows v3.0 : Name: FALLEN Code: 11Q23F107G

ID Publisher v1.03 : Name: warez crack Code: 5f6u1626

IDT Net2Phone Version 8.61 : Account: 7638-5974-0201 ID: 99860

Idyle Agenda 98 v1.37 : Code: 1d1132016c

Idyle Agenda 98 v1.37.0.371 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] s/n: 0102012A360E5B959185BF75

Idyle GimmIP v2.11.0 : Name: CORE/JES Key: 000C31E176B582ACB49F83BE

Idyle GimmIP v2.12.1 : Name: knoweffex bond Key: 0024F80A0E2D3A74B948D15E

Idyle GimmIP v3.10.214 Win95NT : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 Key: B88AA394A688B361CE60B3C700694

Idyle GimmIP v3.11 : Name: KAC TEAM Key: 882C182B09240C07241D708704A30

Idyle GimmIP v3.12 : Name: KAC TEAM Key: 882C182B09240C07241D708704A30

Idyle Phonebook PRO 97 V2.88 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 22C25BA87D91A7E90D4CF72E04

Idyle Phonebook Pro 97 v2.90 : Name: knoweffex DNG s/n: 22C25BA87D91A7E90D4CF72E04

Idyle PhoneBook Pro v2.93.614 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 40CD50D36AA6BC130A3BE94BF2

Idyle Tasks Manager 98 v1.0 : Name: William S. Farnum s/n: 94A464B25AD66C829B6B879C

Idyle Tray Minimizer v3.91 build 297 : Name: LiGHt DRUiD [iSS] Code: 0102012A2303529C69DD56DB

IFilm MPEG Editor v1.3 : s/n: 41D-CNT-000112

IFilm MPEG Editor v1.4 : s/n: TC4-82C-000049

iFilmEdit v1.4.5 : s/n: 3M7-LVS-025120

iFox98 v1.1 : Code: 6D6B10B947726177 Email:

IFR Planner v2.0 : Name: VERSUS Code: 1495 64645 Fill out the rest of the code box with blanks (spaces) until the register button gets activated.

IfToHtml v1.04.83 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: IF10-1XXX-5392-1150-6174

Ignition CD v1.2 : Name: LOMAX [DARK EMPIRE] s/n: FTDB91XE5K

iGO98 v4.0 : s/n: ASQ958H786L000M543

Ike M. Kimiko HTML Editor v3.1 Win95 : Name: Pamela J. Annonson s/n: KIMLJ18-76ENOXM-PRO45B

I Live at Santa's House! 95 v1.5.0 : First Name: Spider] Last Name: PC\GLoW Code: KQ973172

Illustrate! v3.0 for 3DS MAX v2.X : ID: 889 Code: 1C26

ILock v2.3 : s/n: 2100998055

ILux Edge Weg Site Log Analyzer v4.2 : s/n: 1000006602-83L8KG

ILux Edge v4.2 : s/n: 1000006602-83L8KG

ILux Edge v5.01 : s/n: 1111111111-111111

ILux Edge v5.1 : s/n: 1000005803-83RgpY

Imag'N Image File Viewer v1.01p : Name: SiraX Company: [GLoW] s/n: A8L-5431-012H-L RegNum: D8FSIL4MX

Image Arithmetic v2.2b : Name: CoSH [PCY] s/n: 1234-33283c9

ImageAxs Pro v3.0 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 321-485-856

Image Blaster 2.2.1 Win95/NT : s/n: 2147483647-65535-2147483647-1-2-be9bd6c6

Image Commander v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 100SPW3H07A10380

Image Converter v1.3 :s/n: 1534464

Image Converter v2.9 : s/n: 123454

Image Cube v1.0 : s/n: nt392063v

Image Pals GO! v2.0 for Windows : s/n: W905-823-28103

Image Pals v1.3 for Windows : s/n: UNAE4-30371-01376

Image Pals v2.0 for Windows : s/n: RNAE9-40302-01417 or s/n: do_it-00025-00000

Image Q v2.2 for Windows : s/n: 901172

Image-IN for Windows 3/95/NT : s/n: 100-05DG-0ERG

Image-IN Scan and Paint ToolKit : s/n: 100-0FVV-1U20

Image-IN v3.2 : s/n: 100-05DG-0ER4

ImageConvertor v2.700 : Code: 21312321

ImageDock v3.0 : s/n: 1813919205

Image Explorer v1.00 : s/n: BEJQIE1.00

ImageFox v1.2 : Name: Bruce Z Code: 383343947227641

Image Gallery v5.20 : s/n: akl-ig16f180369a

ImageGear98 ActiveX Pro Gold : s/n: r114prn-646

ImageGear98 DLL Pro Gold : s/n: r305kwq-185

Imagelib Corporate Suite v3.07 : Password: takethecake

Imagepal : RNAE9-40302-01417
ImagePals : OXXC9-400993-30436

Images Incorporated : 15-1001-000000001

Image Ready v1.0 : s/n: DHM100XX675123099-999-435

ImageSafe v1.4 : s/n: 8306832s11111

Image Sieve v1.0.4.0 : s/n: (+-2(

Image Sieve 1.0 : s/n: (+-2(

Image Slider v2.5 : s/n: 16367616

Image Splitter V1.2 Win95/NT : Code: Bark!-0001-0001-0005

Image Splitter v1.5 : Code: Bark!-0001-0001-0005

ImageView95 v1.0 for Windows : Name: mARQUIS [uCF] s/n: 3966793938072764416 19 digits

Image Wolf v1.2 : Name: CORE/JES Key: IW1-126289

ImageWolf 1.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: IW666-122106

ImageWolf v1.04 : Name: s/n: IW2216-115374

Imagine IT CompleteDX3 Suite v2.0 : Key: 832182318413

Imagine Viewer v1.5 : Name: (Anything) s/n: 204-97625

Imagination Network v2.24 by Sierra : s/n: 00765 or s/n: 00564 or s/n: 00810

IMail Server v4.04 for Windows NT : s/n: IMN-133088

ImageLib Corporate Suite v4.025 For Cpp 4 : Password: components

Imagination v2.2.24 : 00765

iMapRv v1.2 : s/n: 142491064c

IMapR v2.0 : s/n: 1824k1724h

IMatch v1.1 : Name: FALLEN Code: 3022311328

IMatch v1.2 : Name: VQi Code: 4146558136

IMatch v1.2.1 Win9xNT : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 Code: 1758739199

imPRESSion Lite v1.01C : Name: TRPS s/n: cs7f

imPRESSion Lite v1.01d : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 12r34jk1ytt

ImpressionX v1.01a : Name: Mr-Happy / EViL Code: 6274 0209 3548 7824

ImProces +v4.5 : (Create IMREG.Key with 2 lines) line #1: MarQuiS De SoiR+e line #2: 56560

ImProces v4.5 : (Create IMREG.Key with 2 lines) line #1: MarQuiS De SoiR‚e line#2: 56560

Impulse v4.1 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 72557421

Impulse v4.12 : Name: PREMiERE s/n: 72557421

Impulse v4.13 : Company: PREMiERE RegKey: 72557421 ID: PREMiERE Password: (Anything)

ImPulse Universal : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5349147343 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 5349147343

IMS Web Engine v1.01 : Name: DEGEN Key: uoftk

InaCardCheck ATL DLL Control v1.1 : s/n: X54000-DjPaul-PWA99

InCharge for OS/2 : s/n: MFL456789BWL

Include 1.0.14C : Name: NITRO Company: FALLEN Code: include-252-29520

Incredible Machine II : s/n: 002004110706154

InCube : s/n: 462-853-572-511-461 or s/n: 419-436-855-506-486

In-Depth Guitar v2.012 : Name: NuZ s/n: 886-3096-0

India Ink v1.5 : s/n: J1634667054

Individual Training for WinWord : s/n: PN0650011036

Ind Man 99 v1.02 : Name: jog/DSi s/n: IM99-59375-FB0431B1

Inet Conference v2.1 : s/n: V1Q4S/9FDF

INET v1.5 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 8894747380 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 2036507653

InetSnoop 1.01 : Name:CracK Da WareZ s/n:ACO74F48

InetSnoop v1.01 for Windows 95 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: FCD9AC58 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 486A6C17

iNetStore V4.1 : Run inetstore.exe and follow the instructions on screen. From the newly created iNETstore program group run the Dolphin Speedstar server. Dolphin will, by default, run on Port 80. If you are already running a server on this port you must change the port settings of Dolphin under Options | Server Setup | HTTP Server to a free port - say Use This Port: 81. Dolphin will appear as an application in your task bar. Double click the icon to change its settings if necessary. If you are prompted by ODBC, select catalogue as the database. Right click the Dolphin Speedstar icon in the Taskbar. Select Browse Home . This should automatically start your default web browser and call the iNETstore home page on your server. Enter: s/n: 886 VT6676 589 30630

Infini-D v4.1 : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350

Infini-D v4.1 Backgrounds Addon : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350

Infini-D v4.1 Models Addon : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350

Infini-D v4.1 Textures Addon : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350

Infini-D v4.1 Samples n Examples Addon : s/n: 051-5101-0302-0350

Infini-D v4.5 : s/n: 001-0189-0409-0030

Infinite Disk Proffesional v3.0 : s/n: CP931BC12208

Infinity Textures v1.0 Beta2 : Name: zaarnik-BLiZZARD Code: TCQQ27C2

Infinity Textures v1.0 : Name: Infinity Key: 77CYQEA3

Infinity Textures v1.1.0 : Name: Delphic Key: W2AAY7C3

InFo Accelator v3.0a for Windows : s/n: 9-04950437-01-F7YYOK

Info Book Pro v1.0 : s/n: 90720-01-056

Info Book Pro v1.01 : Name: SiraX/CORE Code: 12345-01-177

infofile v1.0 : Name: Virus - ML Key: 607 - 2484 - 66

infofile v1.0 : Code: 3726132999548733 Name: cheerokie - ml Company: missing link

InfoHandler v4.4 : Name: _Jungle_ Company: ACTiON s/n: 482496.32444

Infohandler v4.5.3.3 : Name: Darkzz [Crystal] Company: [Crystal] s/n: 4-67784.91304

Info Mailer Pro v1.0 : Name: pIst0lS [ORiON] s/n: 684582642536189

InfoMap v6.0 Professional : s/n: IM60-J0059-OTVSI

Info Messenger Professional V1.01b : Name: SiraX/[DNG98] Code: 452828815227

Info Messenger Professional v2.2a : Name: SiraX/CORE Code: 814805841834

Info Messenger Professional v2.2c : Name: SiraX/CORE Code: 814805841834
InfoModeler v1.5 Desktop Version for Windows: s/n: 1090-003800

Info PM +v1.32 for OS/2 : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 991506354528 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 991485210246

InfoPower Professional v4.02c : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

Infopower Professional v4.02e : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower Professional v4.02f : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower Professional v4.02g : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower Professional v4.03c : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower Professional v4.03e : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower Professional v4.03f : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower v4.02G For C++ 4 : Key: 1538C91CD4785DD1

InfoPower v4.03B Final : s/n: (Anything) Password: 1538C91CD4785DD1

Inforad Wireless Pro v9.1.6 : s/n: 9431786

Inforian Quest 98 v1.23 : s/n: 7656500173

Inforian Quest 98 v2.0 : s/n: 7656500173

Inforian Quest 98 v2.03 : s/n: PP11335511

Information Explorer v1.2 : Code: Exploded or Code: Propose or Code: Gain or Code: Informed

Information Explorer v1.3.10 : Code: Exploded or Code: Propose or Code: Gain or Code: Informed

Information Explorer v2.0 : Code: Exploded or Code: Propose or Code: Gain or Code: Informed

Information Explorer v2.1 : Password: Exploded

Information Manager v4.3 for Windows95/NT: s/n: WJIMV4097ZA85A219C73D4M6

Informed Designer v2.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: 0002-6914-9003-7214-0

Informed Designer v2.6 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: 0002-6914-9003-7214-0

Informed Filler v2.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: 0000-9681-1330-6046-1

Informed Filler v2.6 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: 0000-9681-1330-6046-1

Informix Access Library for DBTools.h++ v3.1.1 : s/n: 34105-09-001032

Informix CLI TD2 v2.50 WinNT4.0 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Client SDK v2.0.2 TC2 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Client SDK v2.10 TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Data Director for Java v1.1.TC1 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC

Informix Data Director for Visual Basic 3.0 TC1: s/n: ACN#J264911 Key: NSZKLV

Informix Data Director v3.0.TC1-1 for Visual Basic : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC

Informix Data Director v3.60 TC1 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC

Informix Dynamic Server Developer Edition v7.30 TC3 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Dynamic Server Linux v7.30 UC5 : s/n: AAB#J660836 Key: RXNDKC

Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup Edition v7.30 TC5 WinNT4 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup Edition v7.30 FC1 for WinNT4 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup Edition v7.30 TC6 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Dynamic Server v7.30 TC7 Standard Edition : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Dynamic Server v7.30 TC7 Workgroup Edition : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Dynamic Server Universal Data Option v9.14 TC1-1 for WinNT4 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix ESQL/C v7.23 TC9 for WindowsNT : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix ESQL/C v7.23 TC12 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix SDK v2.20 TC1-1 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix Universal Data Option v9.14 TC1-1 For Windows NT : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

Informix WorkGroup Replication TD2 v7.22 : s/n: AAB#J904945 Key: TEOVKG

I - ViEW 32BiT v2.32 PRO : Name: lxcore97 Company: CORE Key: 5768180722334455

I-View 2.38 : Name: fungus Company: blizzard Code: 9470425255555555

I PUBLISH V2.0 : Code: DPFE-20N-100-003J2T

I/O ActiveX Communications Module v1.05b : Password: JSPayne4U

I/RAS B 5.2 for Win95/NT on Intel : s/n: 99998748004305

IACS Feature Manager : s/n: 12345678004220

IACS Report Manager : s/n: 12345678004221

IACS Rules Manager : s/n: 12345678004597

IACS Specification Manager : s/n: 12345678004219

IACS Symbolization Manager : s/n: 12345678004596

IAP Announcement Player : Name: Lukundoo Location: HuNGARiAN ID: 6874852 Key: iqah

iavaZIP v2.03 : Key: 222246001

IBM BookManager Library Reader v2.0 for WIndows: s/n: 5799-PXY

IBM Object REXX v1.0.2.3 : Developer: orxd1023 Interpreter: orxi1023

IBM PL/I Personal Entry Version for OS/2 Warp: s/n: 10H7819

IBM PL/I Professional Edition for OS/2 Warp: s/n: 10H7848

IBM VISUALAGE FOR SMALLTALK : License #: C999-022-2560 Access Key: 0502-9025-8039-2316-5011

IBM Visualization Data Explorer (DX) v3.1.4a : s/n: ddgqt 0016 2030 2496

IBM WebSphere Performance Pack v1.0 NT : ID: C000-019-0010 Key: 4571-2079-1644-5165-7306

IBPAT Membership Processing Financial System v1.0 : Login: super Password: ibpat

iBrowse v1.01 : Code: DGLSIB1.01

iBrowse v1.02 : Code: ADIPIB1.02

iBrowse v1.03 : s/n: EHMTBI1.03

iBrowse v1.04 : s/n: NPRTBI1.04
ICal v2.1 Professional : Name: Warp98 Code: C0002325

ICal v2.2 : Name: Warp98 Code: C0002325

ICal v2.3 : Name: Warp98 Code: C0002325

ICal v2.4 : Name: Warp98 Code: C0002325

ICal v2.5 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN Code: R0005897

iCatalog v2.00 : Name: project Password: 2ED2EF2F4-297B-70726F

iCatalog v2.40 : Go to Catalog/Utilities/Set Password and enter: Login: TRPS Password: 817819-3E38-5452

iCatalog v2.62 : Name: zoin Password: 830836-3E38-7A6F

ICCD CD Player v3.1a : s/n: ICCD30220572

ICCD 3.3 : RegCode Name: PHROZEN CREW Code: ICCD3037537703233

ICCD v4.0 build 537 : Name: WIZDAZ Code: ICCD3765073

ICCD v4.0 build 541 : Name: WIZDAZ Code: ICCD3765073

ICCD v4.0 build 543 : Name: WIZDAZ Code: ICCD3765073

ICCD v4.0 Build 549 Win9X/NT : Name: BLACKSTAR TRPS Code: ICCD372865097358923

ICCD v4.1.568 : Name: BLACKSTAR TRPS Code: ICCD372865097358923 or Name: DRAXXTER Code: ICCD307877243

ICE.TCP Pro v5.0 : Name: PREMiERE Key: 8880000223221

ICE TCP Pro v5.0.53 : Name: TCHAN Key: 8880000223221

Ice View v3.3 : Name: UNICITY s/n: 12341234123456504C474E5A60

IceWare Messenger v3.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: MS64617679202D20626C697A7A617264

ICEWARE Windows Access Menu v3.5 : Name: Terry Georgi Code: WAM354657272792047656F726769

Ice Zmodem v1.02 : Name: Potman '95 s/n: 1306561065

Ice Zmodem v6.0 beta : Name: SLA s/n: 1-49282-84275


IceZModem v.+6 for Dos : Name: SLA s/n: 14928284275

IceZModem v1.02 for Dos : Name: Potman '95 s/n: 1306561065

IceZModem v1.21 for Dos : Name: TGA!!! s/n: IMAACBIKCGMDAMECK

ICK v1.0 ActiveX Edition : s/n: 1CQ4-YXNM-R4SH-A Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC

Ico Edit v1.5 : s/n: 487K1508

Icons Control 32 Pro v6.25 : s/n: NS-100-000-001

Icon clock : Name: ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN s/n: 820126218

Icon Clock v2.9 : Name: snh Code: 810765604

Icon Collector Graphics Editor v3.00.03 : Name: FALLEN s/n: ZESN

Icon Collector Graphics Editor v3.0 R4 : Name: Delphic Company: (Anything) Code: G5B5

Icon Collector Graphics Editor Image Editor v3.00 R5 : Name: Delphic Company: ECG Code: G5B5

Icon Collector Graphics Editor Image Editor v3.00 R5A : Name: Delphic Company: ECG Code: G5B5

Icon Collector Graphics Editor v3.00 R6 : Name: Delphic Company: (Anything) Code: G5B5

Icon Collector Graphics Editor v3.00.07 : Name: Delphic Code: G5B5

Icon Customiser v2.02 : s/n: 283959

Icon Customizer v2.06 : Name: ArseniK s/n: 914726

Icon Drive II v1.1 : Name: OD0BRd8. s/n: 987654321

IconDrive II v1.3 : Name: N Code: 11

IconEdit Pro v5.0 : Name: Mad Jester Code: 1208790

IconEdit Pro v5.01 : Name: Vizion/CORE s/n: 840788

Icon Extract v3.3 : 04567

Icon Extractor v1.1 : Name: jog [DNG] Code: 0-REY864

Icon Extractor v3.1 : Name: n03l Company: Faith98 Code: 4001972631

Icon Extractor v3.3 : Name: fjalar Company: TEXTURE Code: 4010658372

Icon Extractor Tool v1.1 : Name: KAC Code: 32704412

IconForge v4.0 : s/n: 4D3702626006480

Icon Heaven v2.0 for OS/2 : Name: Cheng Li s/n: FIM49367

ICONimation v1.0 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 593-365-223-188-159-217-22

ICONimation v1.2 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 213-652-401-318-416-317-595

Icon Manager v2.0 : Code: IG107519Ma

IconPainter v1.2 : s/n: 8964675i8732

Icons Control 32 v7.06 Pro : s/n: NS-100-000-001

Icon Suite v3.60 : Name: (Anything) Code: 04666

Icon Toy V2.01 Win95/NT : Name: (Anything) Code: 12959TAT

Icon Toy v2.1 : Name: Naglfar Code: 12959TAT

Icon Toy v3.0 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 7878824

Infotree32 v3.5.3 : Name: UNICITY Code: 1447

InfoTree32 v3.5.4 : Name: Michael Paez Code: 212

InfoTree XT v1.2 : Name: SGM98 Code: 1209

Info Tree XT v1.3 : Name: SGM98 Code: 1209

INI Manager 2.70 : Name: heretic-x s/n: 17666

InJoy v2.2 : Name: Venus Code: dd0b8d52861b4120168e0000000000970000

Innovative Trek Tech Novastation : s/n: a2c4-0909-9999

InOculan v2.5 : s/n: IL20 346002

InocuLan For NetWare v4.0 : s/n: EYYXE-X14CC-XC9XC-R7YJ1

Inscriber/cg for Fast v1.1a : s/n: 456456564456456

InspiRation v4.0a for Windows : s/n: 1633D1233H4551

InstaCheck v1.22 : s/n: EF64123412341234

InstaCheck v2.4 : s/n: EF64123412341234

Installer 32 v2.70 : Name: TRPS'98 Code: 9148926531
Installer/GD v2.10.005 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 2419-645723822

Install From The Internet : Code: 90411-99811-06094-04119-2513

InStall It v2.0 : Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: 729790609388

Install Shield : s/n: 1633D1233H4

Install Shield 32 : s/n: Apollo32

InstallShield Application Repackager v2.03 : Password: Nicole11

InstallShield DemoShield v5.4 : Password: omicron

InstallShield DemoShield v5.4 to v5.43 Upgrade : Password: vinorojo

InstallShield Demoshield v5.44 : Password: schroedinger

InstallShield 5 Professional : Password: rh&HS$wm% s/n: 1633D1233H4551

Install Shield 5 Professional International East Edition Build 224: s/n: ACTIVE8----qwertyuiopasdfg1V

InstallShield v5.1 build 145 : RegCode: MiRaMaX-TFT-97" or Btftr0xyouB

InstallShield Professional v5.10.147 : Password: kllllll

InstallShield v5.51 Professional Edition : Password: xxxxmmmnnnnnn

Installshield Professional v5.52 : Password: captaincaveman

Installshield Detective build 164 : s/n: TFT-vvvvvvv

InstallShield Express for Power++ v2.01 : Name: TheForceTeam RegKey: (blank)

InstallShields PackagerfortheWeb *installation* Passwords: pftw 1.3: package297 pftw 2.0: gt3

InstallShield PackagefortheWeb v2.04 : Password: Tumbleweed

InstallShield Express V2.02 : Password: #SiraX/DNG?

Installshield RegisterOnTheWeb V1.0 : Password: **SiraX***

Install-Us Professional V3.0 : Name: SiraX/[DNG] Key: 23061951p

Installer Vise For Windows v2.4.5 : Name: CORE/DrRhui Code: IVR400W5307439

Installer VISE/Updater VISE v2.71 : Name: DEMiSE Installer: IVR400W4762013 Updater: UVR100W3801367

Installer Vise v3.0 : Name: Dino Code: IVR400W4218511

InstallFromTheWeb v2.2 : s/n: TFT-oooooooo

InstallIt! v2.00 : s/n: 729790609388 Name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC]

Install-US Pro v3.2 : Name: VERSUS/JX s/n: 19330779p

Install-US Pro v3.21 Win9xNT : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 16631049p

Install-US Pro v3.22 Win9xNT : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 16631049p

Install-US Pro v3.51 : Name: Registered s/n: 86152611p

Install-US Pro v3.53e : Name: Crystal, USA s/n: 38436171p

InstallWatch v1.1a Basic : Name: The Exterminators Key: 238611891

InstallWiz Professional Edition v1.08 : Name: Ian Flinders Email: ChallengeKey: EGKOPSX UnlockKey: BHGEHLSUPV

InstallWiz Professional Edition v1.1 : Name: Richard Buiwit Email: Challenge: 230487032743207 UnlockKey: @JKEKNOUSQW

InstallWiz Professional Edition v1.13 : Name: Melisaa Alley Email: Challenge: EHKONRW Unlock: EIHKKNLUSU

Instant 3D : s/n: I3D1000057

Instant Accounting 98 : CD Key: 98455 s/n: 122053

Instant Basic for Java - Standart Edition v1.2.6 : Type: "set CLASSPATH=<IB4J dir>ib4jstd.jar" and then "java setup". s/n: 1100-6812-794768408794

Instant CAD for Engineer : s/n: 4504016558950

Instant Drive Access Pro 1.10 : Name: CORE/CMT Code: 21732046

Instant Drive Access Pro v1.13 : Name: CORE/CMT Code: 21732046

Instant Drive Access Pro v1.15 : Name: Mad Jester Code: 4178164029

Instant Drive Access Pro v1.5 : Name: PGC 99 Code: 310408

Instant Favorites 3.0 : Name: CORE CMT Comment: CORE Key: gI0NYvDowc1IKQCL8gmPKQ==

Instant File Access IV : Name: THE RIDDLER 1996! address: uNITED cRACKING fORCE Key: 2461157858

Instant ID v2.0 : s/n: I2011599900001

Instant Multimedia for Windows : s/n: 7500004703

Instyler ex-it v1.3 build 047 : Name: Dustie of Blizzard Code: 1000-1701-68116

Instyler Ex-It v1.4 beta2 build 70 : Name: Warp98 Code: 1000-554-87112

Instyler Ex-It v1.4 Build 81 : Name: Warp98 Code: 1000-554-87112

Instyler Ex-It v1.4 Build 86 : Name: Warp98 Code: 1000-554-87112

Instyler ex-it! v1.4 SP2 : Name: GWA98 Code: 1000-351-7157

Instyler ex-it! v1.5 Service Pack 2 : Name: German Warez Alliance Code: 1000-1950-71109

Instyler SmartSetup v2.0 Release Candidate 1 : Name: GWA98 s/n: %IYC;:%bh]tcprmv-eu_76%kiiss

Instyler SmartSetup v2.0 Pre Release Candidate 2 : Name: Me s/n: %Og%.%kiiss

Instyler SmartSetup v2.0 Service Pack 1 : Name: German Warez Alliance s/n: %Igtocp"Yctg|"Cnnkcpeg%bh]tcprmv%ooiss

Insurance Quote Master v1.2 Win3.1/95 : s/n: 546683

InSync Server v1.0b : Name: Norway/Inside98 s/n: 7a3u35cc

InSync Server v1.10 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 3i222c2i

Intactix StorePlan Merchant v1.61 : Name: OrionYOun-SiEGE- Code: 1041

InteGra Visual Database Builder v2.00 for Windows: s/n: 1205555057

Integraa visual db builder v2.00 Win : 1205555057

Integratech SuperZip V2.0 Win95/NT : Code: 703-1-DNG98

Intel C/C++ Compiler v4.0 B2 : Password: VT4-B2!

Intel FORTRAN 77 Compiler v2.4 P98007 : Password: 5JBLX*KS

InTel LANdesk Response for Windows : s/n: 400361.001

Intel V-Tune v.2.12 : Code: 19970706 user: The Daemon Company: Avalon

IntelliCall v1.0 : Code: a1s

Intellicom v2.01 beta 5 : s/n: 040994

Intelligolf Birdie Edition v2.0 : s/n: BDBV261008

Intellihance Pro 4.0 b1 : s/n: ICE-400-122-682-039859

Intelliscribe v1.5 : s/n: 1050-7q8-1747

Intellisync for Notebooks v1.61 : s/n: PUMA98840
Interactive C Compiler v3.2 : Name: Botball 98 s/n: 2406-22775-23088-50354-22

Interbase v5.11 : ID: 50-55-ISC-20089 Key: 17-b-12-0

InterDrive Client NFS for Windows 95 v3.1: s/n: 0 Key: 1011-7EP06-00DF

InterDrive Client v4.0 NFS : s/n: 0 Key: 1011-7EP06-00DF

Interdrive Client v5.0 NFS : s/n: 12E0-E000A-8888

Intergraph Coproration Modelview PRO 3.07 : s/n: 00042328004423

Intergraph Geomedia v02.00.31.04: s/n: 99998768004429

Intergraph's Geomedia 2.0 Professional Beta1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10070234004624

Intergraph's Geomedia 2.0 Pro FINAL! for Win95/NT : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10070234004624

Intergraph Geomedia Pro v02.00.17.07 : s/n: 10070234004624

Intergraph Geomedia WebMap v2.00.05.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10112552004636

Intergraph IACS Report Manager v6.00.02.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 11453920004221

Intergraph IACS Specification Manager v6.00.02.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10061393004219

Intergraph Image Scape Edit v2.00.00.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 16099579004681

Intergraph InRoads Survey v7.01.03.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 13515600004053

Intergraph InterPlot Client v9.00.01.07 for NT/9x : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 12614536004308

Intergraph InterPlot Digital Print Room v9.00.01.07 for NT : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10088667004619

Intergraph InterPlot Server v9.00.01.07 for NT : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10064748004309

Intergraph MGE Analyst v7.00.02.02 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10081894004147

Intergraph MGE Basic Administrator v7.00.02.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 21977354004144

Intergraph MGE Base Mapper v7.00.02.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 20014600004145

Intergraph MGE Basic Nucleus v7.01.00.00 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10027233004643

Intergraph MGE Map Finisher v7.00.02.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10170636004146

Intergraph MGE Segment Manager v7.00.00.08 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10068168004593

Intergraph MGE Terrain Analyst v7.00.01.01 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 30544729004419

Intergraph Project Architect v5.3 : Project Architect: 00008263004418 Batch Services: 01754168000783

Intergraph RIS NT DB2 Data Server : s/n: 10026903003163

Intergraph RIS NT Informix Data Server : s/n: 10026810003159

Intergraph RIS NT DB2 Data Server : s/n: 10026903003163

Intergraph RIS NT Informix Net Server : s/n: 10026783003167

Intergraph RIS NT Microsoft Data Server : s/n: 10026806003171

Intergraph RIS NT Oracle Data Server : s/n: 10026847003161

Intergraph RIS NT Oracle Net Server : s/n: 10026603003165

Intergraph RIS NT Sybase Data Server : s/n: 10026765003172

Intergraph ViZfx for 3D Studio Max : Name: SiEGE Code: 11145669004353

Interix v2.2 : SDK: AAAAAS=/G74 Unlimited Server: AAAAAGYo74o Server: EE=cMAAUs(E Workstation: 6z9AAAAABQ= Workstation Lite: tA8DAjAVAA(

InterLeave v1.2 : Name: bitfou98 Code: 94322375

Interleave v1.5 : Name: hotdog04 [Weapon] Code: C44223A5

InterMail Post Office Edition v3.53 : s/n: 0-198663195-12345L500S10000V35

Inter Mute v1.2.11.1 : Name: Maureen Meikle Code: 909309342.10366

InterPic v1.62 : ID: SIEGEROCKS Code: 1426

InterPlot Client for WinNT and Win95 v09.00.00.35: Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 99910684004308

InterPlot Server for Windows NT v09.00.00.35: Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 99998771004309

InterQuick v1.0.2.2 : Name: High Voltage Tech Email: s/n: 43c96c3feab216c64ceb72ad1a4162f94f3cb17865ca3b1e95 c7ec62b07a8b1

Interscan Virus Wall v3.0 NT : s/n: STET-1231-3552-5554-5505

InterScope Blackbox v1.3 : Name: Flu[X] s/n: FP-L250-61n-KO6

Intershop Mall 1.0 : Key: 4fq8 vxzw vgwf w95y

InterShop Online v2.0 GOLD Addon : s/n: 4fq8 vxzw vgwf w95y

Intersolv PVCS Tracker v5.0.1 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 1998 Key: 99800196

Inter Stellar Annihilation : first Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last Name: G.!.$ bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 0711425

InterActive InStall v1.0 for Dos : Name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 20133899 or Name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 20044369

InterAp InterNet Suite v1.0 for Windows : s/n: IA100P123-12345-QT78 or s/n: IA100P011-35312-US13

InterGo for Win95 : s/n: 01100-01010-01000-80582

Intergraph's Microstation : s/n: 00088193000085

InterMail +v2.29: s/n: 6A-089-034560 or s/n: 6B-000-00???? or s/n: 6B-000-01????

InterMail Post Office Edition v3.5 : s/n: 0-198663195-12345L500S10000V35

InterMail Post Office Edition v3.51 NT : s/n: 0-198663195-12345L500S10000V35

InterNational OCR : s/n: A46IW331561710

Internet 1995 CD Version for Windows : s/n: 1937Khf1jhTAGEfca

InterNETACTIVE : Password: 735EWC

Internet Angel v3.0 : Name: escom City: core s/n: 425F-538

Internet Angel v3.01 : Name: escom City: core s/n: 425F-538

Internet Angel v3.04 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Email: s/n: 2578B-1185

Internet Anywhere Mail Server v2.2.2 : s/n: DRI-MSU-573000003422

Internet Anywhere Small Business Connect : Key: 275SSBUN518C39B1144B
Internet Audio Mix v1.14 : Code: 1979848

Internet Browser Cache Controller v4.01 : Name: SiraX Company: CORE Code: 9903145

Internet Business Breakthrough v1.1 : s/n: D9KLF3AE1I6

Internet Commander v2.0a : s/n: 2567523420

Internet Commander v2.0b : s/n: 2567523420

Internet Control Center v6.01 Win95NT : Name: PEIDO98 Code: 36351580210

Internet Control Center v6.4.1 : Name: davy - blizzard98 Code: 12351754272910

Internet Control Center v6.4.2 : Name: davy - blizzard Code: 11561642255510

Internet Controller V1.19 : Name: AVALON Key: 2327009550001941

Internet Copilot v1.09.97 : Name: The Master DaVinci s/n: 238968052143

Internet Copilot97 v1.1 : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: 692605405764

Internet Creator 3.0 : s/n: 6D17-304511 RegNum: 3958643

Internet Dial 1.7a : Name: MICHAEL Liu s/n: ID-H68M24208

Internet Document Publisher Client v1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 7u1f245a

Internet Document Publisher Client v1.01 : Name: Bob s/n: 7523uu31

Internet Document Publisher Client v1.02 : Name: Bob s/n: 7523uu31

Internet Document Publisher Client v1.03 : Name: Bob s/n: 7523uu31

Internet Document Publisher Client v1.04 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 275c445i

Internet Document Publisher server v1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 7u1f245a

Internet Document Publisher Server v1.02 for Win9xNT : Name: Bisoux s/n: 6376235k

Internet Document Publisher Server v1.03 : Name: Bob s/n: 16883232

Internet Document Publisher Server v1.04 : Name: Bob s/n: 16883232

Internet Document Publisher Server v1.05 : Name: Bob s/n: 16883232

Internet Document Publisher v1.05c : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 335c1628

Internet Document Publisher v1.05s : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: 5a712c2f

Internet Email Forward v1.02.00 : Code: M963TY-TFTROX

Internet Email Forward v1.03.00 : Code: M963TY-SiraX-DNG-1998

Internet Email Forward v1.03.01 : Code: M963TY-DNG-1998

Internet Email Forward v1.03.02 : Code: M963TYxxxx

Internet Farmer v1.0 : Code: 9876-43210125

Internet Gate v1.41 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 027D-31747-W188

Internet Gate v1.43 : Name: DSi TEAM s/n: 027D-31747-W188

Internet Graphics Finder v1.3 : Go to your Windows directory and edit your GRIF.INI. Put this line in the [Settings] section: serialnumber=987654321

Internet Graphics Finder v2.0 : Go to your Windows directory and edit your GRIF.INI. Put this line in the [Settings] section: serialnumber=987654321

Internet Graphics Finder v3.0 : Go to your Windows directory and edit your GRIF.INI. Put this line in the [Settings] section: serialnumber=987654321

Internet LanBridge Server v1.44 : s/n: 39309658105087

Internet Loafer v7.5 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] s/n: 82117166661432523616422323422216545155244138142

Internet Loafer v7.7 : Name: VERSUS s/n: 8619414625219696

InterNet Loafer v8.1 : Name: Warp s/n: 87248226214

Internet Mail 1.12 : 0012-3437-A102

Internet Mail Attendant 8.13 : s/n: 3141592654

Internet MailBridge 2.0 Build 2044 : s/n: 68c-40m9-t1d5-280

Internet Maniac v1.1 : Name: LOMAX [DSI] s/n: 1184420864-308158

InternetManiac v1.11 : Name: Magenta s/n: 4100558144-412194

Internet Maniac v1.12 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 0885432320-404208

Internet Maniac v1.2 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 0885432320-404208

Internet Maniac v1.2a : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: 4100558144-300222

Internet Marauder v1.42 : Name: EXPLiCiT s/n: 2629420719 (Leave everything else how it is)

Internet Message Center v2.2 : s/n: 9956328482488294

Internet Naming Utility 1.05 Win9x/NT : Name: Andox Email: Code: TZO-0257-2762-E5CC-7192

Internet Neighborhood 1.1 build 33 : Key: 1234-1122223344555

Internet Neighborhood v1.2 Beta 1 (build 0.11): Unlock Key: 0234-1119973344555

Internet Neighborhood 1.1.33 : s/n: 0201-0119979900620

Internet Neighborhood v1.6 Build 1 : s/n: 0234-1119973344555

Internet Neighborhood v2.0 : Code: 0204-0419980000000

Internet Neighborhood v2.01 : Code: 0201-0119979900620

Internet Neighborhood v2.02 : Code: 0201-0119979900620

Internet Neighborhood v2.10 : Code: 0201-0119979900620

Internet Neighborhood v2.2 Win95NT : Code: 0201-0119979900620

Internet Neighborhood v2.3 Win95NT : Code: 0201-0119979900620

Internet Neighborhood v2.4 : Code: 0201-0119979500267

Internet Neighborhood v2.42 : Code: 0223-6619990103038

Internet Neighborhood v2.5 : Code: 0223-6619990103038

Internet OFFICE : s/n: OFCX400MOS-000000263

Internet Organizer 3.0s : Name: JUANDA s/n: 987723779-065 or Name: PC98 s/n: 987722793

Internet Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731

Internet Phone v5.0 : s/n: V1Q7-SC97-NNNN-LX-0000-3BFF/A2BE

Internet Resourse Library v1.5 : s/n: 0000000K-0000000K

InterNet Suite +v2.0 from QuaterDeck for Windows(95): s/n: 123-17J-11191 or s/n: 200-B7J-00205

Internet Suite v2.0 : s/n: 012-18P-00385

Internet Tree v1.2 : Code: 4696-3991

Internet Tree v1.3 : Code: 4735-1940

Internet Util 97 v2.0.24 : PFABLJXIVS

Internet Velocity v1.00.1 : s/n: IVS1501726631505
InterPlot Professional v09.00.01.07 for Win95NT : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: 10142076004310

InterQuick v1.0.1.1 : Name: High Voltage Email: s/n: 04ff1651b15610c27240ff00dfacffffb1d3b2e100fe003fbd 0000c4

InterScan VirusWall v2.52c for Windows NT : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

InterScan WebProtect v2.0 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

InterScan WebProtect v2.05 : s/n: 0006GZ-84ZB-37FT

Interscope BlackBox v1.2 forwin95/NT : Name: TERAPHY Code: 69-759k-xwz-51r

InterSnoop v1.01 : in ISNOOP.INI add: Line#1: [Registration] Line#2: Name=tHATDUDE! Line#3: Key=2FE2E658

InterSolv PVCS Tracker v3.0 : s/n: 75961 01 01148

InterTime 98 v1.11 : Change the value of the C drive to 11111111. Then enter: Name: ShadE - TRPS 98 s/n: EC8454B30600

Intracept XRay Vision v1.0 : s/n: 2319219466

IntraDOS v1.1 : Select "File/Register IntraDOS" and enter anything

IntranetWare for Small Business : Key: 9300000001111011

InTuit Quick-PayRoll : s/n: 556516

Inventory v2.0 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: 810184RInvI[Ni2dsnNi2NSD49705254000

Inventory Organizer 3.1 : ID: Michael Purt Code: 908223024-554

Inventory Organizer v3.6 : Name: AzzYRiAN Code: 983065540-554

Inversible AntiVirus : access Code: 0123456789 s/n: 765432107 or access Code: 930437233 s/n: 21623728

Investment Helper Lite v1.0 : s/n: 958-399738

Investment Helper v1.1 : s/n: 931-521793

Investment Helper v1.2 : s/n: 931-521793

Investors Toolbox 95 v2.17 : Name: davy - blizzard Code: 051698

Investors Toolkit v2.19 : Name: Naglfar Code: 051698

Invincible Internet Connection Keeper v2.0 : Code: 2001 (You have to enter the code every time you run the program)

Invisible! Pro 98 v1.12 : s/n: 0A-2500-OEM-2374

Invisible! Pro 98 v1.4 : s/n: 0A-2500-OEM-2374

Invisible Pro v2.0 : s/n: FA00-BFB0

Invisible Pro v2.2 : s/n: FA00-BFB0

Invoice98 v1.103 : Code: 8012345

Invoice! 98 v1.500 : s/n: 5012345

Invoice 98 V1.501 For Win95/NT : s/n: 3252345

Invoice! 98 v1.503 : s/n: 5012345

Invoice 98 v2.0 : s/n: 3010777

Invoice 98 v2.02 : s/n: 3010777

Invoice 98 v2.5 : s/n: 301077

Invoice 98 v2.51 : s/n: 3000345

Invoice 98 v2.52 : s/n: 3000345 s/n: 3012345 or s/n: 4000345 s/n: 4012345

Invoice Tracker v1.11 : Name: ODIN 99 s/n: 1K6UVS11T8SGJBKQAQ3F1QAAVCI1GI5CL2

InWatch '95 : Name: tHATDUDE! Reg: 15896

Inwatch 95 v1.0 : Name: Crack Da WareZ s/n: 16182

InWatch95 v1.0 for WIn95 : Name: ED!SON '96 s/n: 15764

Inworld DeskChange v1.5 : Code: 9234-1678CORE-J91N

Inworld PandaShop v2.0 : Code: 1876-43410123-D14G

Inworld PandaShop v2.3 : Code: 9234-1678CORE-I91M

Iolo Safety Scan v2.5f : Code: 7856772

Iolo Safety Scan v2.5i : Code: 14492976

ION v1.1 : InstallKey: X9SM9CCM SiteNotice: Croma [PREMiERE] InstallNum: CRO-07091972-MA

IP Sentry V3.1.13 : Name: lxcore98 s/n: CgKgfFKiFiOqKq or Name: PREMiERE s/n: CiKhnFKmFkKmLp

IPSentry v4.0 : Name: TCHAN s/n: CgKenDMgGiGiLo

IPSentry v4.0.205 : Name: Einride [PC] s/n: R &8AIV MEE39 EC428 4282A

IP Sentry v4.0.212 : Name: Einride [PC] s/n: R &8AIV MEE39 EC428 4282A

IP Sentry v4.0.215 : Name: insane [TRPS] s/n: R-IVIIN-753BD-E3BD1-073C4

IPSentry v4.0.216 : Name: IPSBx4212a s/n: r-gczix-a6753-e6a04-b37f3

IPSentry v4.0.217 : Name: Chafe/TEX99 s/n: Z-UCUSI-N824C-82024-F86E4

IPSub v1.5 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] s/n: 2735-0219-91D3

IP Tools v1.00 beta : Name: dLLord/AiR s/n: 7A82F001CDD2

IP*Works C++ Builder Edition v2.0 : s/n: DU5T-4PAD-QLKZ-A Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC

IP*Works C++ Edition v2.0 : s/n: V22M-PZLK-SEZM-1 Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC

IP*Works Delphi Edition v2.0 : s/n: FVMB-FQAK-URYR-G Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC

IP Works Delphi Edition v3.0 : s/n: FVMB-FQAK-URYR-G Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC

IP*Works! Visual Basic Edition : s/n: 1234512345 Key: LDGG44PDTMLU451F

IP*Works Visual Basic Edition v3.0 : s/n: RBY2-A2KT-5IX4 Key: KELC-P21A-AUN4-52PC

Inworld PandaShop v2.2 : Code: 9234-1678CORE-I91M

IPnetWATCHER v1.01 : s/n: 1-1-1

IPnetWATCHER Java Edition v1.2.2 : s/n: AFxbUVdRMyM2HRscMWdqamZqAhg=

IProtect v1.4 : Name: exit Company: fallen ID: 11223344556634 s/n: ipra-d969-c9cd-9587-79b5 or Name: Ivanopulo Company: Starless Sky ID: 4444 s/n: ipra-984e-558f-da53-454c

IQBox 98 V1.0 : Name: SiraX Code: 5489905

irc ferret v1.1102 : s/n: NS-100-002-267 Key: 2CAE-ED9A

IrfanView v2.50 32 Bit : Name: xOANON ->UCF 1997<- s/n: 660754604

IrfanView v2.65 : Name: Versus s/n: 303928400

Irfanview32 v2.82 For Windows : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 274226008 or Name: BuLLeT - [PC 98] s/n: 505878408

Irfan View 32 v2.83 : Name: ALM DeTH s/n: 330523804 or Name: n03l s/n: 128366008
Irfan View 32 2.90 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 541300604

Irfan View v2.98 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] s/n: 633960808

Irfan View v3.0 : Name: Copyright Killer [UCT] s/n: 120006400

Irfan View v3.02 : Name: s/n: 624556906

Iris Antivirus v22.07 For Win95 : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 134934799

Iris AntiVirus Plus v22.02 : s/n: 6604490965175428

Iris E-Mailer v1.1 : s/n: IE-00FA3900

Iris E-Mailer v1.101 : s/n: IE-00FA3900

IRIS Phone v3.0 Final for Win95/98 : s/n: #93763176421934759356482953

IrmaNet vx.x : s/n: AAT0863912 KeyCode: EC-47-88

IronCad v1.4 : s/n: ICBNUS12-333311 Code: 5705 9067 5D20 1002

IR Search Master v6.0 : CD-Code: 00000SU000000000000

ISDI v3.xx : (ISDI 000056ED0000 ISDI.ini) s/n: 000056ED0000

ISDN Snoop 32 v3.7.2 : Name: PROPHECY '98 City: REKiEM Street: Not Availiable Key: 4635CE9F Clients: 00

ISDN Snoop v4.1.0 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! [UCF] Clients: 99 CallAns: Yes s/n: 6BB5951B

ISDN HighWay Control Center + Teles CAPI v2.98: s/n: 900N 7449 9052 8010

ISentry v2.0 : Name: jog/MANIFEST Code: $9DA88044

ISentry v2.01 Win9x : Name: Sune / KAC 1998 Code: $162CB711z

ISG Navigator v 1.5 : Issuer: BASSMATIC Key: 5024 Product: ISG Company: DOD 98 Platform: NT/95 Users: 1000 Token: 328 Checksum: ANXG-7ZLL-5MKJ-8ZJ8

I Share v3.0 : s/n: 09980006305 Key: 111120-4F8E-B7

ISPA v3.xx : (ISPA 56ED00000000 ispa.ini) s/n: 56ED00000000

ISP Companion v5.5 : s/n: 219-3910-95712

ISP Companion v7.2 beta : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD Code: 80440042400004084420

ISP Companion v7.2.4 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840

ISP Companion v7.2.43 : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 80440042400004084420

ISP Companion v7.2.46 : Name: zaarnik Company: BLiZZARD s/n: 80440042400004084420

ISP Companion v7.4.51 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840

ISP Companion v7.4.53 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840

ISP Companion v7.4.55 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840

ISP Companion v7.4.57 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840

ISP Companion v7.4.63 : Name: rantnrave Company: PREMiERE 98 s/n: 60060446408220561840

ISP Companion v7.4.74 : Name: davy [blz] Company: blizzard 1998 s/n: 00660666802404066040

ISP Companion v7.5.87 : Name: pSi VERSUS Company: VERSUS s/n: 80020446004226544420

ISP Companion v7.5.91-7.9.99 : Name: pSi VERSUS Company: VERSUS s/n: 80020446004226544420

ISP Companion v7.7 : Name: pSi VERSUS Company: VERSUS s/n: 80020446004226544420

ISP Companion v7.8.141 : Name: [-mAAg-] Company: Massive s/n: 40800806800006584420

ISP Companion v7.8.146 : Name: [-mAAg-] Company: Massive s/n: 40800806800006584420

ISP Companion Service Pack v7.9.147 : Name: wizdaz[Wrp] Company: Warp s/n: 60400224602628084420

ISP Companion Service Pack v7.9.154 : Name: wizdaz[Wrp] Company: Warp s/n: 60400224602628084420

ISpy : Name: jake cwc s/n: 7ak6ff

ISS Base v2.0 : s/n: 165171izknuy1 Key: cogfrvnhmwobz

Italian Assistant V : s/n: 35010523

ITServ RideWay v1.83b : Name: CORE CMT License: unlimited users with BreezeWay s/n: ITS21003-278560-1276008-ZFQSEdENTb

Its Personal v2.1f : Name: RAGGER/CORE s/n: RKS-3553077

ItsPersonal 2.1h : Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: RKS-3802174

It's Personal v2.8 : Name: Versus s/n: RKS-2170130 or Name: n03l s/n: RKS-1125087

Its Personal v2.8b Win9XNT : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-5122928

Its Personal v2.8e Win9xNT : Name: Blackstar/TRPS98 s/n: RKS-5122928

Its Personal v2.9d : Name: draXXter[Faith2000] s/n: RKS-6199757

It's Time v2.1d : Company: TheForceTeam Key: RKS-6378405

Its Time v2.5a : Name: RAGGER/CORE Key: RKS-6165365

It's Time v2.8 : Name: Versus Key: RKS-3509202 or Name: n03l Key: RKS-1819319

iTrack Enterprise v1.3d : Go to the System Settings form and enter: Code Part A: dg Code Part B: khj3h7cs

iTrack Enterprise v1.3e : Go to the System Settings form and enter: Code Part A: dg Code Part B: khj3h7cs

iTrack Enterprise v1.3f : Part A: dg Part B: khj3h7cs

iTrack Enterprise v1.3g : Part A: dg Part B: khj3h7cs

iTrack Enterprise v1.3h : Part A: dg Part B: khj3h7cs

iTrack Workgroup v1.3c : Code A: kw Code B: dsnchv47

IWare Connect : Key: GKY$YKYKYTSK s/n: 20696

IWare Internet Suite : Key: D38E92SE9R3E s/n: 25005

iWrite v1.0 : Name: Annette S. Alvis Company: (blank) s/n: grvj1980

Ixla Explorer v1.2 : RegCode: TKL and click "Buy Now"

I Do Windows v3.0 - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - 1K102L101M119Q84N
i publish v2.0 - Serial - 0123-456-789-0404AL

IACS Feature Manager v6.00.02 - Serial - 12345678004220

IACS Report Manager v6.00.02 - Serial - 12345678004221

IACS Rules Manager v6.00.02 - Serial - 12345678004597

IACS Specification Manager v6.00.02 - Serial - 12345678004219

IACS Symbolization Manager v6.00.02.02 - Serial - 12345678004596

ICCD v3.x - Name - Finn Mac CooL - Serial - ICCD37679938074853

125% Service-Providers Marketing Software for Win95 : s/n: 14106-124-0145506

ImTOO MP4 Video Converter v2.1.59.0303b
Added: 2006-03-23
Rating - 86%, Yes - 13, No - 2
Name: Code: 1299-3423-6429-2279-B724-408E-9005-C018

ImTOO 3GP Video Converter v2.1.54.918b-BRD


Serial: BRD-Y79YAOFQHPS6CTB-1683-3F18-A89D-22AF


Jetforms Central v5.1 for NT : s/n: 1100-10479-6

Jetforms Design v5.1 : s/n: 1100-10479-6

Jetforms Transformation Builder v5.1 : s/n: 1100-10479-6

JeWLinr 1.7 : name: ZiLLY s/n: Pszz7wYPO6

JewlLinr V2.0 : Name: EzD s/n: 7Ywa1wYPO6

Jewl Linr v2.3 : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: NvEJvP7Cy5

JewlLinr v2.4 : Name: Matter of Darkness s/n: 7vGG3z7NsL

jForge v2.6 : Key: steven anger Code: 6yCBtY89ox

JForge v2.61 : Key: steven anger Code: 6yCBtY89ox

JigSaw-It v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 7104401272

JigSoft v1.2g for Windows : s/n: 503-331

Job Track v5.4 : Key: house'

JobTrack v5.4e : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: house

JOC Downloader v1.2 beta : Name: MISTERE[INSIDE] s/n: 5798544489

JOC Email Checker v1.20 : Name: Dazzler s/n: 8501CR1737

JOC Web Promote v1.0 : Name: MISTERE[INSIDE] s/n: 9798544499

JOC Web Promote v1.20 : Name: Ringer s/n: 9774004827PSCO6299

JOC Web Promote v1.21 : Name: MISTERE[INSIDE] s/n: 9798544499

Joggler v1.04 : Name: Audrey Jones Address: Brooklyn, NY 11234 email: RegNum: C1F 5451C145C1F492477

Joggler v1.06 : Name: jog [DNG] Code: C1F 1A75145C1F378558

Joggler 1.06a : Name: Warp Code: C1F-809145C1F376050

Joker Wild Video Poker 2.6 : Name: fungus / blizzard Code: LLB6034

Joker Wild Video Poker v2.7 : Name: Warp Code: DJM0416

Joker Wild Video Poker v2.75 : Name: Warp Code: DJM0416

Jones in the fast lane : name: Gummy s/n: (leave blank)

Jot+ Notes v2.0.1 build 59 32bit : Name: Fully Licensed User s/n: 8937 Code: 19FH1GW0AQP

Jot+ Notes 2.11 Build 134 : Name: BaMa/MANiFEST s/n: 6666 Code: G621E5JM2N

Jot+ Notes v2.1.1 : Name: Norway/Revolt98 s/n: 1129 Key: 152A1BFJ14YI

Jot plus Notes v2.2.0 build 156 : Name: dustie of blizzard s/n: 1998 Code: N9Z7BN6V1

Joystick's Friend v1.0 : Name: L!M!T / The Exterminators s/n: 11114115763377

JPad v3.1.3 build 99a : User ID: 10000000#400101 KeyCode: 808565617

JPadPro v3.2 build 99a : User ID: 20000139#400101 KeyCode: 420631652

JPadPro v3.7.297 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 733253764

JPEG Optimizer v1.32 : Code: JO1638

Jpeg Optimizer v2.00 : Code: qo7012

JPEG Optimizer v2.02 : Code: kj7246

JPEG Optimizer v3.03 : Code: FY9281

JPEG Optimizer v3.06 : Code: RW3418

JPEG Optimizer v3.07 : Code: AY8124

JProbe Profiler v1.1 : s/n: 40011FS-M9-314086

JProbe Profiler v1.1.1 : s/n: 40011FS-M9-314086

JRun Pro v2.3 : s/n: _MuFFiN_[uCF]-99999999-99-JSM.UL-1-0-5f37-154d

JR Ware Complete v2.0 : s/n: 86911260

JSB Surf Control Scout PLus : Code: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh

JSB Surf Control Scout Proxy : Code: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh

JSB Surf Control Scout : Code: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh

JSB Surf Control Super Scout : Code: 0w1g001751lalxsaikh

JShop Professional v2.0 : s/n: 01184011631

JShop Professional v2.1a : Name: (Anything) s/n: 01184011631

JSMail v3.56.1556 : s/n: C07463U00T00F4DBB436001800009A0200000405

JS Office v1.2 Win95/NT : Name: FALLEN s/n: 666777666 Reg: 1BF5A492

JS Office v1.3 : Name: Versace Theking s/n: 11002855 Reg: 57A6B0D3

JS Office v1.4 : Name: EinZtein s/n: 9D3FE627 Reg: E0696352

JSource V1.1 Win95/NT : Code: Bark!-0001-0001-0002

jSQL v1.31 : Name: jman s/n: N1HM1S

Jumpers v1.1 : s/n: JUMP4986

Just Add OS/2 Warp : s/n: GDLIT224

just!Audio v1.0 : s/n: 01294-80802579s

Just! Audio v2.0 (build 1.92) : s/n: 01246-99014884b

Just between Friends v2.1 for Windows : s/n: epngdfho

Just Checking v1.8 : s/n: 15386217

Just The Fax v2.8 for Win9x/NT : Name: Versus Code: RKS-3388178 or Name: n03l Code: RKS-1756575

Just The Fax v2.8g : Name: REKiEM / PCY '99 s/n: RKS-6116770

Just the Fax v2.8b : Name: Warp Code: RKS-2180098

Just the Fax v2.8i : Name: AzzYRiAN Code: RKS-3858352

Juxto v1.1 : Name: DSI Code: 459$9267

J-Perk v4.2 : Hit Unlock/Register and enter: Password: 1$2876558201

J-Perk v5.0 : Password: 2$F48W6299T7

J-Perk v5.01 : Password: 2$F48W6299T7

J-Write v2.4 : Name: Ringer Code: 7-007192

J v4.0a : Key: softwar (No "e")

Jaba Com Web Browser v1.9.98 : s/n: 0k7u0z6y1a981-3t6r3a5m7s24

Jaba Com Web Browser v1.9.99 : s/n: 999-9999999999999999

JackHammer 1.5 : Order #: SAVAGE RegKey: 78224938464138085318640458370445

Jack Hammer v2.1 : Name: RyDeR_H00k! Email: ID: 1234-1234-1234-1234 s/n: BA91-7345-0000

Jackpot Slots v1.5 : Key: 274955
Jackpot Slots v2.0 : Key: 274955

Jackpot Super Slots v1.55 : Name: Warezpup [KAC 99] Password: 182E43481723 Code: 5605F-05FB67910-169B3

Jackpot Super Slots v1.6.3 : Name: Harlem Password: Niggah Code: 2182E-82E434B34-3F265

Jacobs Image Browser v2.0.0 : Name: accz of blizzard Code: 4D2

James Gleick's Chaos v1.01 : s/n: 900000-01101-05-0107

Jammer SongMaker : s/n: JWS11413

Janus GridEX v1.6a : s/n: CSGDX-31255-YUKKM-12103-56422

Janus GridEX v1.6b : s/n: CSGDX-31255-YUKKM-12103-56422

Java Embedded Server v1.0 : s/n: JS0876939287244113

JarHelper v3.5.1 : s/n: 60035GE-AJ-314314

Java Browser v2.1 : Name: forcekill Company: infra Code: 454353453

Java Draw : name: Steve Hsu s/n: Rw|Äe_M}q

JavaPC v1.1 : s/n: JS8266699581686405

Java Safe v1.0 : s/n: JS 0243 8494 8708 4565

Java Script It! v1.3 : First Name: LOMAX Last Name: DSI s/n: 16@vh7ujs

JavaScript Scrambler v1.1 : name: LOMAX s/n: 4438-716-8

JavaScript Scrambler v1.11 : name: LOMAX s/n: 4438-716-8

Java Script It v1.4 : Name: LOMAX Company: DSI Code: 16@vh7ujs

Java Script it v1.5 : First Name: LOMAX Last Name: DSI s/n: 16@vh7ujs

Java Web Server v1.1.3 : s/n: JS2671414474923375

Java Workshop : s/n: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896

Java WorkShop v1.0 Win : s/n: JWS100-AT4072-888641479 or s/n: JWS100-CO6222-048623471 or s/n: JWS100-DA2082-879883481 or s/n: JWS100-DAAES4-906052896 or s/n: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896 or s/n: JWS100-IF2902-901345480 or s/n: JWS100-JS1212-119673481 or s/n: JWS100-KN4162-088731469 or s/n: JWS100-PC9797-666666676 or s/n: JWS100-VY0272-953819465

Java WorkShop v2.0 Win95/NT : s/n: JSW100-RV9797-929569987 or s/n: JWS100-DAAESU-906052896

Java Workshop v2.1 : s/n: JWS100-RV9797-929569987

JayTrax v1.0 : s/n: BOB-28701-FCJ

JayTrax v1.1b : s/n: BOB-28701-FCJ

JayTrax v2.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 13956064

Jbuilder Pro v3.0 : s/n: 300-000-0071 Key: 9bx6-x0x0

JClass BWT v3.0 : s/n: 75010FS-GP-314394

JClass BWT v3.5 : s/n: 70035FS-QF-315151

JClass Chart v3.0 : s/n: 79010FS-WB-314356

JClass Chart v3.5 : s/n: 79035FS-JL-314748

JClass Chart Bytecode v3.6j : s/n: 79036FS-KG-315563

JClass DataSource v3.5 : s/n: 87035FS-LJ-314038

JClass DataSource v3.5.1 : s/n: 87035FS-VY-314208

JClass Enterprise Suite v3.6.1 : s/n: 62036GE-8V-314602

JClass Field v3.0 : s/n: 83010FS-EY-314381

JClass Field v3.5 : s/n: 83035FS-S7-314715

JClass Field Bytecode v3.6j : s/n: 83036FS-NS-315241

JClass HiGrid v3.5 : s/n: 85035FS-LS-314038

JClass HiGrid v3.5.1 : s/n: 85035FS-XV-314189

JClass JarHelper v3.5 : s/n: 79035FS-JL-314748

JClass LiveTable v3.0 : s/n: 70030FS-BY-314675

JClass LiveTable v3.5 : s/n: 70035FS-QF-315151

JClass LiveTable Bytecode v3.6j : s/n: 70036FS-VF-315802

JClass PageLayout v1.1.0 : s/n: 91011FS-PF-314084

JClass Standard Suite v3.5.1 : s/n: 60035GE-AJ-314314

JClass Standard Suite v3.5.1 Upgrade : s/n: 60035GE-AJ-314314

JClass Swing Suite v1.1 : ByteCode: 89011FS-S9-314018 SourceCode: 90011FS-JD-314016

Jeek v1.1 : Name: s/n: O4ICWO3G0XX07XOR

JellyFish32 v3 : name: Plushmm [PC97] s/n: 101313506404208

Jennifer vs Sarah v1.0 : s/n: 8JG-7NT-000521

Jeta Reyes For MAX 2.x : Name: Kashmir s/n: 41025

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